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Web Design Benefits

The benefits you can expect when working with us

If you already have one, your website should be a powerful extension and an accurate representation of your business. Any capital outlay you spend on your business has to be recovered and this includes the return on investment for your website.

It is critical your website clearly portrays your marketing and communication message: -

  • Sales - Your sales message or call to action announcement should be clear and stand out
  • Educational - Information, brochures or the ability for visitors to fill in order forms should be a simple and easy process
  • Branding - Products should be visible, with good sized images. Information should be easy to read and your site should include case studies and testimonials


TWOGENTS design websites so all visitor traffic and their movements on your site can be monitored and reports can be made available for you to review. Enhancements can be made to your site to ensure visitors can access product information or purchase products with little effort and most importantly without losing patience.

If you are in business and you do not have a website there are many reasons why now is the right time to include your own website complete with your own domain name as part of your marketing strategy: -

  • The internet continues to experience huge growth
  • Traditional media (Newspapers, Magazines, Television, Radio) are all experiencing continued fragmentation within their target markets
  • Websites can be extremely cost effective in relation to buying advertising in any of the traditional media alternatives
  • Owning your own website is an essential business tool in todays business environment
  • Having your own website, will allow you to get your business name, products and services across to wider audiences with ease
  • You can use your existing advertising and marketing campaigns to leverage awareness of your website
  • Websites can now include e-marketing newsletter facilities and also be linked to mobile sms / text marketing functionality
  • All websites TWOGENTS design, automatically feature the latest SEO and SEM optimisation techniques


TWOGENTS design professional customised websites for small to medium, corporate businesses or clubs and associations. All websites are tailored specifically to each clients exact needs, allowing them if required to manage content and make administrative alterations.

Whatever your website needs, TWOGENTS will ensure you have a website you are proud of, a website which is practical and functional and most importantly a website that meets your exact needs and business requirements.