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What We Offer

Website Hosting

Every website has images, pages and files etc that need a secure place to be stored in a web hosting or web server environment, this allows everyone to visit and view your website with ease. We have commercial web servers available and can easily host your website for you.

Domain Names

All websites need a unique domain name. Domain names allow your website to be found among the many websites that exist within New Zealand and the world. We can advise you on practical and relevant domain names suited to your business, plus we can acquire and maintain the domain name or names for your business.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is an essential marketing tool to help your website rank better in the search engines, thus increasing your websites visibility. It is a simple fact – the more people who see your website, is business drawn towards your company.

Good SEO planning will help to elevate your business out to the masses, which in return increases awareness and sales opportunities for your business, your products and your company’s branding. We will advise you on the best keywords and technical support to enhance your websites rankings and drive more internet traffic to your website.

Analytic Reports

How do you know how many people have looked at your website? Where in the world are they located? Could your marketing be stronger to drive potential clients to your site? All very relevant questions a business owner may have.

You need information from your website to tell you these answers, or direct you in a different marketing approach. We can provide this information for you.